When I wrote the first book on Skype (Skype Me! – Syngress Press) I didn’t know what to expect.  I was sent questions about all types of Skype related things.  Below are just some of the items that have been asked for and some things I thought I would share as a part of the book effort.  The book is now 7 years old, so don’t go out and buy it as it is outdated, but many aspects still hold true that were in the book.  Also with the book “Video Conferencing over IP” by Syngress Press, I explored ‘Video Calls’ as video was not a part of Skype yet, so didn’t make the book.

Things have changed a lot in the Skype world.  Skype has become the defacto Video Call application along with FaceTime and iChat for the Apple devices.

So as we move forward, we will continue to bring tidbits of information about Video Call technology and cool things Skype.

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Keep those Video Calls going !!!  The technology is only getting faster and better.

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Here are some TIPS for Skype users.

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