Virtual Visitation Legislation

We are actively seeking to draft and pass legislation in the United States adding Virtual Visitation or ‘Electronic Communication’ as it is called in our legislation to each states divorce statutes.

  • As of Jan 2013 – There are Laws in 7 states

  • As of April 2013 – We have Pre-Draft Bills for 19 states

To find out more about your state and where we are at with our efforts, send us an email and we will share what we have.

WE NEED YOU!  Help us pass more legislation to make this an automatic option for divorcing parents.

GREEN – States with Electronic Communication laws

Light Blue – States with pre-draft bills prepared

Yellow – Past states with legislative efforts

Links to current laws

Copies of Pre-Draft Bills for legislation

PLEASE get this to your local representative and encourage sponsorship of a bill.

Do you want to help?  Here are 3 easy steps

1.  Let us know that you want to lead a Virtual Visitation Bill effort in your state.  Send us an email with the state statute so that we may create a pre-draft bill with the required wording.  Also let us know the name of your local representative and/or senator that you will discuss the bill proposal with.

2.  Setup an appointment to talk with them about the Bill.  We will join over a call if you like to answer the hard questions and provide support.  We will also provide you with the needed paperwork to support and encourage they suppurt the bill.  It is one of the few family law improvements that passes with ease.  Every legislator needs an easy bill to promote their reputation, so don’t be shy in asking.

3.  If they agree to sponsor a bill, it is just about following up with the pre-draft bill being turned into a proposed bill and monitoring the activiity.  We will provide everything the legislators need to promote the bill in a nice binder.

That is all their is to it, other than LOTS of waiting.  It will take up about 40 hours of your time over several months.

So help make a difference and help us get bills passed!



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