Updated with the latest Video Call technology, legal and legislation information.

The handbook is designed for everyone.  Easy to read and understand, the handbook provides people with everything they need to know if you are going through seperation with children.

The handbook is also valuable for the legal community to better understand what it required for this new divorce law option for children and their families.

Parents need BOTH parents and Virtual Vistitation can assist in filing the gap in-between in-person visits.

What is in the Handbook?

  1. Adding Virtual Visitation or Electronic Communication to your divorce
  2. Wording for your divorce decree
  3. Preparing for court
  4. What do you need
  5. Using a computer or Smart Phone or both
  6. Which webcam and why
  7. Video Call Solutions
  8. Security and Privacy – Are webcams bad?
  9. Other resources
  10. The latest in Virtual Visitation / Electronic Communication legislation

Who should get this handbook?

1.  Parents seeking to keep in touch with their children associated with or without divorce.

2.  Attorneys seeking to understand this new divorce law option.

3.  Counselors, Mediators, Amicus, Guardian-Ad-Litems wishing to understand this new divorce law option.

4.  Courts, local, county, state government agencies wishing to offer Virtual Visitation as a part of their services.  Note:  The Handbook is free for governement agencies – Send us an Email from your agency email system and describe your need.

5.  Supervised Visitation Network providers looking to offer services to their families.


The Virtual Visitation Handbook 2013 Edition is in PDF format.

Only $9.95 – It will be emailed to you after the order is complete.

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